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Us vs. Them: Tipping the scales in your favor

No company wants to be sued.

And all too often receiving a formal complaint can often create panic. Should we fight? Settle?

Many companies make a decision without all of the facts. Accessible Crew can help. We’re on the front lines, and serve as subject-matter experts in ADA lawsuits. We understand the challenges for both companies and end users.

You need the right partner after receiving an ADA website complaint.

Accessible Crew:

Are experts in the field
Works with preeminent ADA attorneys
Can demonstrate – not just explain – the path to a positive outcome

Not all accessibility badges are equal. Overlay tools are band-aids and don’t stop complaints.

Are you an ADA litigation attorney? Let us show you the Accessible Crew difference. Among other things, we can:


Work with your clients to develop best practices.


Remediate or work with developers to mitigate issues.


Make accessible PDFs so screen-reader software can read them like end-users expect.
Meet the Crew.

We benefit from understanding your business needs and questions, so there’s something to gain for all. There is absolutely no obligation. Schedule an introductory meeting with us and let’s start the conversation.

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